FilterMatic automatically reclaims recyclable waste oil and metals, making it the greenest, most efficient, easiest-to-use oil filter recycling machine on the planet. (If we do say so ourselves.)

FilterMatic Machine

How it Works

Simply place the used filter into FilterMatic
FilterMatic will:

  • Remove and collect the steel base plate
  • Crush and extract the used oil from the filter
  • Collect the steel, filter, and oil for proper recycling and disposal

It’s completely automatic!

Watch the video demonstration

New Technology - Green Oil Filter Crusher

Easier to Use and More Environmentally-Friendly Oil Filter Recycling

FilterMatic, by Arnold Machine, is an automated oil filter crusher machine for used automobile oil filter disposal. It maximizes the recycling potential of the filter metal and minimizes the environmental impact of the leftover used oil and remaining filter parts.


The FilterMatic oil filter cutter machine is designed to be used by Quick Lube operators, auto and motorcycle dealer service shops, industrial vehicle maintenance shops, commercial fleet managers, and used oil filter recycler exchange centers. Unlike other used oil filter crushing machines and automotive oil filter recycling machines, FilterMatic is a completely automatic filter crusher machine that easily removes and collects the steel base plate from the filter, crushes and then extracts used oil from the filter. It collects the resulting steel, filter, and used oil for proper recycling or disposal.


It is a complete, green, environmentally friendly oil filter recycling and oil filter recovery process!